In the first post I asked this question. I also told you; My Sabbath journey really started about the years 2000-2002.  I have since tried to determine how to honor God by keeping the Sabbath.

From the first, we didn’t know anyone that kept the 7th day Sabbath, so we had to read other denomination’s writings and try to figure out how to keep Sabbath while all of our extended families observed Sunday.  Of course, those other groups were also writing against the “Christian” holidays and advocating the Feasts and festivals of the Old Testament. This too caused some logistical confusion.

I was not satisfied with the teachings we found, but we could not find any other for a long time.

I have since learned that keeping the Feasts and Festivals is not possible today, and have since found Seventh Day Baptist but they do very little teaching on how to keep the Sabbath, however some individuals within have really helped me to understand better.

The first change a new Sabbath keeper needs to make is observing the start of the day at Sundown. Today, a day is considered to begin and end at midnight. But in the days before clocks, starting days at midnight was not really possible. There is no astronomical sign of midnight, and you can’t even use a sundial! So obviously ancient days did not begin at midnight, and neither did God’s Sabbath.

When did (and does!) it start? There can be some quibbling about exact wording, but almost all Sabbath-keepers agree that it begins in the evening on Friday, the end of the sixth day of the week. Sunset is the clearest marker and way to express the break between day and night.

It actually works better for someone who wants to obey the prime “rule” of Sabbath which is rest.

So, Sabbath keepers tend to follow the modern clock during the week, but change modality for Friday evening and observe the start of the sabbath at sundown.  This has caused problems with many believer’s jobs, but there is story after story of God blessing these believers for obedience.

So first question of the day… do you start keeping Sabbath at sundown Friday night?

After that…there are two primary instructions for Sabbath.  1. Keep it Holy and 2. The sabbath should be a delight.

Part three will try to cover these instructions.

Stay tuned, and continue meditating on how you should keep Sabbath.


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