False Messianic Movement.

Herein is the great dangers of the false messianic movement.  They believe by returning to strict law-keeping they get closer to God. They believe they are made holy by law-keeping which the Blood of Jesus could not do for them.  So, they look for their own brand of holiness in law-keeping while many of the women are Jezebels and many of the men are adulterers.  These legalist turn against everyone who refuses to come under that yoke of bondage.

The false messianic movement places great emphasis on Law-keeping. But they do not observed the entire Laws of the Commandments.  They do not observe any of the laws demanding the death penalty.  So, they break the very laws of commandments and ordinances they claim to keep.  

Often Even if a person claims they are saved, the false messianic movement will tell them they are not, until they return to law-keeping.

No where in Acts 15 are the Gentiles told to keep the Law. No where are they told to observe the sabbath. No where are they told to put on Jewish style garments. No where are they told to use the six-pointed star of Remphan, and no where are they told they must keep the old feast days or be circumcised.  The dangers of the false messianic movement can be easily seen.

What do the false messianic movements do that are deceiving, cultic, and a great danger?

(Not every group will do everything listed below)

  1. They engage in ritual prayers (holding hands in a circle), chants, and circle dancing;
  2. They reject the name of Jesus as the name of a pig god and begin using Yahweh, Yahshua, or Yeshua;
  3. They begin sabbath keeping and damn all who worship on sunday;
  4. They begin to observe all the Old Testament feast days;
  5. They start trying to dress like they are Jewish wearing the tallit and kipah;
  6. They deny salvation is in Jesus alone, that a person must also keep the law to be saved;
  7. They reject Paul and call him a false apostle;
  8. They reject Paul’s books: Romans, 1 & 2 Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,  1 & 2 Thessalonians; 1 & 2 Timothy; Titus, Philemon, and Hebrews.
  9. They preach another Gospel that Paul did not preach;
  10. They preach another Jesus that Paul did not preach;
  11. They teach the Talmud and the Kabbalah (witchcraft mysticism);
  12. They place Kabbalah emblems throughout their meeting places;
  13. They become very cruel and hateful to those who refuse to accept their concision doctrines;
    They teach for doctrine the commandments of men;
  14. They place women over members of the church and give them authority men alone should have;
  15.  They replace baptism in Jesus name (Acts 2:38), and insert the name Yahweh, Yahshua, or Yeshua or some other guess name;
  16. They practice both male and female circumcision (female depending on the cult);
  17. They offer up animal sacrifices (some do not but fellowship with those who do);
  18. They celebrate Communion with old Passover emblems and not with unleavened bread and wine (also footwashing);
  19. They believe in polygamy and or fellowship those who do (allowing legalized adultery and fornication)
  20. They allow young girls under the age of 13 to be secretly married to religious leaders;
  21. Men will wear tallit prayer shawls with knotts that represent all the laws in the Old Testament;
  22. They teach a whole new vocabulary of Jewish words to embellish law-keeping that makes many who are fascinated by Jewishness believe they are doing things the first Christians did.  This is a great deception and a danger.  These rituals of prayers and words are not used by Jesus, the Apostles, or the first disciples. They are as false as a Catholic mass with all its Latin words and ritual.
  23. Women and young girls are forced to wear head coverings. These become more a symbol of submission to the false messianic movement then it does humility to God. It is a great danger to women and girls to be told if they do not wear these head coverings they are cursed and God will not hear their prayers or receive their worship;
  24. They make use of all sorts of cow, ram, goat, and fake horns to blow and act like they are being real Biblical:
  25. They worship the tetragrammaton YHVH or YHWH above the name of Jesus;
  26. Many men wear garments with all sorts of knots in fringes around their shirts;
  27. They make use of the Menorah, but do so in a false way. This is wrong use of a right emblem.  They do not use it to represent Jesus;
  28. For the most part, these law-keepers are not holiness people. They are a mixture of all kinds of religion. Next week they may transmute into something completely different than what they are today.  They are not people with stable and consistent doctrine, faith, practice, conduct, and order.

If you are in a law-keeping assembly leave immediately. If you cannot leave, withdraw from participation in all of the worship and rituals. If they cast you out as evil, rejoice, for so did the false law-keepers to the Prophets, Jesus, Apostles, and early Believers.

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