Happy Birthday to me….

Today is my Birthday, and at 63, it does not quite carry the “importance” it did when I was younger.  I have basically everything I need, and presents are not the top of my mind.  (who am I fooling?)  I still sometimes wish for that surprise gift that will make your heart race. But basically, it is not unusual for a birthday to pass now without a gift or card.  The kids usually take me out to eat, but that is about it.

So today, as my Birthday comes, I want to stop and consider, “Why does God still have me around?”  I am now at that age where family and friends start dropping like flies, some without any warning, and some after fighting illnesses for an extended time.  So, what purpose does He still have for my life.

It seems that so many around me are scurrying around like ants around the ant pile.  Going somewhere, and seemingly going nowhere.  Some ants are making a straight line to ?? Somewhere??  Other ants are marching in seeming circles, looping here and there but without any seemingly destination or purpose.  But the common feature is they are all doing it at a frantic pace.

Life seems to have a way to cause most of us to lose focus on God.  We are so busy with things, some are perhaps Spiritual Sins(?). I say that because they take us away from God.  Then there are other things that just weight us down and burn our time and energy.

Of course, sometimes the weights that hinder our spiritual race are so well hidden, tucked away in the little “pockets” of our lives, that we’re hardly even aware of them. Typically, we focus on overcoming “the sin that so easily entangles” (Hebrews 12:1), and rightly so, because sin will drag us down. But even though every sin is a hindrance, not every hindrance is a sin. If we think only of our wrongdoing, we’ll be ignoring some of the most common hindrances of all; ambitions, job demands, earning a living wage, providing for your family, fears, addictions, anger, time, family itself.

Today, I invite you to join me as I evaluate my daily activities in the Light of The Gospel.  What things do you or I need to remove and change so that we can focus more fully on Things that are Holy? Do we Love God enough to want to change?

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