Non Negotiables

 What are the non negotiable in your life? 

As you live day-to-day in your own house and with your own family what are the non negotiables that you believe?  What family rules and what personal rules do you have that are not to be crossed, that you will not do, and you don’t want done around you?

 Remember the lesson that I taught on “I Will Never”.  In Luke chapter 22? We see Peter speaking I will never and being rebuked by Jesus. Non negotiable  are things that you would like to believe you will never do and with the Lord’s help perhaps that will be true.

 Non negotiable are things that you have a moral stance, you’ve drawn the line in the sand, and they are  things that you believe and hold to with a firm conviction.   In today’s world of tolerance, non negotiable are becoming harder and harder to hold on to.

 But let’s change the focus to church. If someone asked you to explain in a short brief paragraph what you believe and what are your religious convictions , could you elaborate in a clear and concise method?

 As our church has begun looking for a new pastor we have had to decide what it is we believe what are and what are our non negotiables.  Of course there are our church doctrines and basic beliefs from which we can draw our pastor search  criteria, but there are so many other points that are open to discussion and beliefs.

 The question begs to be asked what things are worthy of non fellowship and are non negotiable upon which we should break fellowship?  What criteria do you believe is Biblical, and can be scripturally supported, that your pastor must hold in order to be worthy?

What things are personal preference, and what things are the line drawn in the sand?

I seriously challenge you to stop and make your list.  Doing so is harder than you think. It is also a real eye opener.

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