Blessings Flow.

I am writing this post from my hospital bed. I have this rare RedBlood Cell disorder that stops oxygen from getting to the body. It has been triggered by chemicals, drugs, and most lately Sodium Nitrate in foods. I can go back the last 2 weeks and identify the food train that put me here. Now antidote has been done, and resulting COPD flair up is being treated.

Enough about that. I am so blessed. Even though this bump in the road has come, it could be so much worse. I have a support family, both home and Church. I have medical treatment and am creating a plan to come back fewer times for this condition at least.

Looking back through my years, I see bumps in my path, detours from where I thought I was going, funerals for loved ones I was not ready to see go, and yet today I am so blessed. God has molded me and shaped me for today. Perhaps He is still doing so for tomorrow.

Learning how to lean on God while paddeling furiously upstream is really a learned talent. (Up stream health wise). Yet the blessings keep flowing.

So enough about me and my blessings. Tomorrow, back to regular devotions even if from the hospital.


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