The Church today is suffering from the legalism argument.  Basically, the argument centers around an activity that someone is trying to JUSTIFY. 

give grounds for, give reasons for, give a justification for, show just cause for, explain, give an explanation for, account for, show/prove to be reason-able, provide a rationale for, rationalize;  defend, answer for, vindicate, substantiate, uphold, sustain;  establish, legitimize, legitimatize  

Those synonyms don’t sound like something you need to do if something is Right, Above Board, Legal, Moral, etc.  They sound like something needed for the gray areas, for something that is not quite Kosher, or acceptable.  They sound like trying to argue something into being good.

A rule of thumb that I have lived by, is that if you have to Justify an action, it is probably not ok in God’s eyes.

Back to the list of good versus bad entertainment for a Christian.  My personal rules are going to sound legalistic to some.  But I am (1.) Trying to honor God. (2.) Avoid opening my mind to Evil Spiritual warfare and (3.) Find wholesome things to share with my friends and family.

So I avoid…

  1. Any paranormal
  2. Any monster or scary
  3. Witchcraft
  4. Modern agendas that push Anti-Bible topics such as Homosexuality…
    1. Statistics state that 3% of the American Population are Gay, yet the TV shows indicate it is 40% or more.  They are pushing this “belief”

Sin is of such awful mein,

That to be hated needs but to be seen,

But seen too oft, face to face;

First we endure, then we embrace.

What does mien mean in German?

From French mine (whence also Danish mine and German Miene), appearance, perhaps from Breton min (“face of an animal”), or from Latin minio (“to redden”).

Sin is of such awful appearance…

This little poem reminds me that allowing sin in and around your life will eventually cause it to be accepted as the norm.  Isn’t this exactly what is happening here in America?

We have the LGBT agenda.  Everyday it seems they find another letter to add to the name.  Another perversion of what God intended.  And they power push it on society with anti-discrimination laws that in and of themselves discriminate against the Christian.

So I chose not to watch those shows, and therefore not contribute to their Financial base of viewers that help them sell the Show and the advertisement that accompanies it.  I may not can change it, but I don’t have to participate in it.

Don’t Watch.

  • Monsters/Evil are not from God… They are therefore of the Devil.  Don’t Watch.
  • Ghosts?  Bible says they don’t exist, but are Evil Spirits and Demons pretending.  Don’t Watch.
  • Witches?  An Abomination to God.  Don’t Watch.
  • LGBT?  Don’t Watch.  It makes it look “Normal”  God says it is a perversion.

So what happens if Christians do watch these type of shows?  Well, nothing immediate or substantial.  Therefore many watch.  But it erodes away your relationship with God.  It is subtle and insidious.  Slowly it draws you into its influence.  You don’t notice any change and all seems well.  But eventually you are changed. 

The Bible makes it clear that there is more to the world than meets the eye. There is an unseen spiritual world, undetectable by our natural eyes, but real nevertheless. And a part of this spiritual world is at war to gain control over you.

Spiritual warfare has affected men and women ever since Satan first tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. The battle still rages today, and the Bible has a lot to say about our future warfare against the forces of darkness.

I guess it all revolves around your belief in God. Do you Believe enough to change your free time? Does God really matter in your life?

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