Judgment begins in the House of God!

Repent of being purpose driven instead of “Spirit led.” Repent of using God as a means to a selfish end, repent of “having church” instead of being the church. Jesus said, “My House is called to be a House of Prayer.”

What would be His testimony of His House today? You have made it a den of entertainment? Seeker friendly, cross-void and tolerant, flattering places of self-help with sooth saying mantras absent from the Word of the Lord,” where prayer is “cliché?”

It seems that our best praying today is for a “good service” instead of just seeking His face. We’ve lost confidence in the very thing that God has ordained as the power of God unto salvation─the preaching of the cross! Jesus Christ crucified is rarely mentioned because it’s not attractive to carnal man.

I know that statement probably comes across judgmental. I pray it’s heard for the way its been laid upon my heart, to realize from where we have fallen. Hey, I grew up in church, I can “play the part.” We’ve learned that well in the “Bible belt” but it has allowed for a modern day “golden calf” to be erected. Church in a lot of ways has replaced God. And it’s another thing to repent of…We need to get back to the heart of God. 

 “You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart, soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself” (Matthew 22:37-38).

What does that look like in our daily walk? How do you fall in love with someone you hardly know and how you do know someone without spending time with them?

I’ve heard it said that love is spelled: T. I. M. E. and TIME is an altar that needs to be rebuilt in our homes, in our prayer closets and in our church gatherings! 

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