God Is Awesome

by Chuck Swindoll

Psalm 108:5

When was the last time you took a glance at a mountain? You don’t glance at pictures of Mount Everest and say, “Hmm, nice hill. Maybe a little taller than some mountains.”

You don’t witness the glaciers in Alaska and say, “Oh, yeah, that’s a pretty nice glacier.”

You stand in silent awe.

I remember when my Marine battalion flew over Japan’s Mount Fuji. Not one man on our plane, when they looked out and saw Fuji, said, “Sure, sure, that’s nice.” No, indeed! I mean, it was click, click, click . . . it was picture-taking time! This was picturesque, awesome Fuji!

Who made Fuji? God!

And like that mountain, the rest of His creation is equally awesome. Consider the stars in space, for example. Though we were to study for a lifetime, we still could not fathom them.

When God does it, it makes us stand back in respect. It puts all human achievements on the lowest level.

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