Logo in Living Color

by Chuck Swindoll

Psalm 119:127-128

The thing I have always appreciated about the Bible is that when great truth is given, God frequently incarnates that truth in lives with whom we can identify.

He doesn’t stop at theory as He teaches us about the abstract importance of faith. He mentions Abraham as a model “who staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief.”

He doesn’t just talk about standing alone and being people of character and resiliency—He gives us Elijah. He shows us the prophets because we have much greater difficulty identifying with abstract truth. We can, however, identify with people . . . .

God doesn’t just say, “You ought to forgive.” He gives us Joseph, who forgave his brothers for their mistreatment of him.

God paints His heroes “warts and all.”

Since there are scars and a dark side to every life, we’re not shielded from the Jonahs and the Samsons, from the pride of the King Sauls or the adultery of the King Davids.

We see it in raw, living color.

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