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 From: gary amerson
Date: October 2, 2015 at 9:58:24 AM CDT
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Good morning to all. I am sending this email to update you on what has been going on in Kenya. Our ministry and focus has evolved and changed.

We are still doing work in the Rift Valley area around Maai Mahiu. Having now been involved there for 4 years, we have seen substantial improvements in the area. The people group whom we work with are now in a much better place, thanks to lots of work and effort by a number of ministries. Those people are now out of their tents and in houses (by Habitat for Humanity), they have access to electricity, they have schools available, and generally have decent living conditions. The availability of a consistent water supply is still a big problem. Our work to help start and establish business and commerce has helped some of them become self-sufficient. We have made some great Kenyan friends there who are continuing to work with us and the work we started, so we have handed most of this off to them. This is a good thing.

In the last year, God has presented us other opportunities. We are now working with Fountain of Life Church in 3 of the slums in Nairobi. We have 11 families that we have come alongside to bring hope and the message of the Gospel. I have attached a report from our field coordinator to give you a feel for what we are doing there.

We hope to expand our reach in the slum from the 11 families we currently assist, to a greater number, as funding allows. It cost about $150 per month per family to provide the assistance we are currently doing. Again, see the attached for how this money is used.

We are also involved in an area much farther north, in a village called Mt Elgon. This small village is comprised mostly of widows and orphans, due to the tribal violence of 2009 when most all the men of the village were killed. We have started a micro-finance program in that area, have purchased land for a church, are at work building a warehouse for crop storage, and a few other small projects. We have 2 of our Kenyan friends and partners whom you have heard me speak of, Joseph Kihumba  and Doreen Nyawira, who are the Kenyan point persons for this ministry. James 1:27 is our constant theme here.

Lastly, we are involved in a water well project (“bore hole” in Kenya) on the property of Fountain of Life Boys Home. This boys orphanage, inner-city Nairobi, is home to 45 boys, and we have been able to work with minister to them for the last 3 years.  They have always struggled with having a consistent water supply for their small campus. In the last few weeks, we have assisted them in drilling a 600 foot well, that has tapped into a huge, clean water source. So much good water that, once completed, it will not only be able to supply water to the boys home, but also the surrounding impoverished community. It will truly be a way that the church and boys home can reach out to minister to the entire surrounding community. Water in Kenya is treated like oil is here. And God has truly answered lots of prayers in the results of this well.

Contributions can be made through GoBeHope (

Lastly, Debra and I are headed back over there next Sunday, Oct 11. We will take some pictures and bring back a current report on what is going on. I can’t explain to you how God has changed our lives, our understanding of the Gospel and his Kingdom, and our desires, through Him taking us to Kenya. Without any doubt, the biggest beneficiaries from our involvement there has been us. Clearly.

Thanks for going alongside us on this journey. I think we have only begun.

Gary and Debra

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