What Language Do You Speak?

When we become believers, we surrender our citizenship papers for this world. We swear allegiance to our new Kingdom, the Kingdom of God. We become citizens of Heaven. Our name is written in the Kings registry and although we haven’t physically moved to our country yet, we become ambassadors for it in this realm.

LOVE is the language spoken in the Kingdom of Heaven. There are some citizens of the Kingdom that know the Language of the heart and speak it fluently. These people are tools in the hand of the Holy Spirit used to usher in joy and peace. They are quick to do His bidding, they are willing to do whatever is needed to apply the balm of healing to a wounded heart! They are continually listening for ways to be blessings to others.

There are other citizens that speak the same language however, their vocabulary is limited, their love language is restricted by their first language, the language of selfishness. Many times these bilingual folks forget the expressions of true love. They misinterpret the meanings of LOVE words, often times attaching the selfish language definitions to the them. And as what is common in learning a new language, a marrying of the two languages produce words that have confused meanings.

I live near several ladies that are fluent n Spanish because it is their first language. When they get together, their conversation is free and much more comfortable. The more time I spend with them, the more I understand the Spanish language. I ask them how to say certain words and how to properly pronounce them. Some times my feeble attempts at phrases erupt in laughter from them because the tiniest mispronunciation changes the entire meaning.

If I desire to speak Spanish with the same freedom they have it takes more than me asking about a few words and occasionally listening to them speaking to one another. I must choose to study the language, find someone who is fluent and stick close to them. I must saturate myself in the language through songs, conversation, study, culture, and everyday attempts at speaking it.

The same is true with the Language of Love. It isn’t our first language and at first we may butcher it by mispronouncing its expressions. But the more we saturate ourselves with the language through songs, conversations, study, culture and everyday attempts we will learn to speak clearly, without an accent.

The Holy Spirit is as fluent in Love as it gets. He will teach us how to not only understand it but how to speak it. Have you ever noticed how comfortable we become when we hang out with familiar friends in familiar surroundings Especially if we’ve been thrust into a new situation, a new job, a new town or even a new culture, or country. When change is introduced we are uncomfortable, we don’t understand the “rules” or customs of our new environment and it feels foreign and sometimes unsettling. But when someone comes along that speaks our first language, the language that we are comfortable with, the old accent comes back as if we never lost it.

When we enter the kingdom of light, our flesh becomes uncomfortable…it longs for the old ways, the customs and definitions of our old life, we forget why we left the old country in the first place. It is my heart cry to fully abandon my old culture, to be so fluent in the Language of Love that I completely forget my native tongue. I desire to saturate myself in the culture of heaven….I have turned my back on the ways of my old country, with it’s temporary happiness, and shallow expressions of love. I want nothing to do with it’s seemingly satisfying pastimes, the bondages of its pleasures…

Today I SURRENDER (again) to the ways of peace and grace, mercy and unity! Forgetting those things behind I press close to the prize of the Kingdom ahead of me! I AM WRECKED WITHOUT LOVE-LOVE NEVER FAILS! Grace is His Way~ Oh Happy Day!


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