Thoughts, Vibes and Other Worthless Junk.

Brian Amerson


 As christians we use many phrases that we’ve grown up with that when we stop and consider what they really mean we don’t believe. I think it’s time that we stop, step back, and take a look at what we say and what we really mean and believe.

Words or phrases like knock on wood, good luck, break a leg, send good vibes my way, are just a few of the phrases that we need to consider. Many have their roots in superstitions.  Others have pagan roots.

For the most part I think these words and phrases are really fairly harmless but we ought to begin to work to get them out of our language anyway. I think it would honor God if we did.  They are so widely used that we dont give them a thought. But the one phrase on my irritant list today is when someone says they need prayer or good thoughts or good vibes.

What  I have heard said 2 or 3 times in the past month is someone reporting that they have a friend or a cousin that has a need of prayer. So the Christian friend,  brother or sister in Christ, sends the request out that they have a need for prayer — ; “I could use any thoughts, prayers, good vibes, whatever you believe in my way.”  Anyone willing to send thoughts, good vibes, or prayers their way would be appreciated.

The worst thing you can do for someone that is truly facing a tough situation is to send them thoughts and good vibes.  You might as well say that you are sending them rainbows and unicorns.  It would do them the same amount of good.

Well guess what? I don’t send out thoughts or vibes and when I need prayer I don’t want any thoughts or vibes. Good thoughts and vibes are pretty godless and don’t have any standing with prayer. Good thoughts basically ammount to wishing, and good vibes fringe on eastern mysticism and the aura.  Prayer is way above them.  Perhaps even in another world.

So if you want prayer for me don’t ask for thoughts and vibes.  And if I ask for prayer and you don’t want to pray, instead of thoughts and vibes go buy me a Hallmark card and send it in the mail.  it will probably do me a whole lot better than godless thoughts anyway.  

Come on Christians, dont be ahamed of prayer!  Stop watering it down so the unchristian won’t feel uncomfortable.  If it is prayer you need, ask. Or is it because you dont really have faith in prayer? 

There is no others means by which our requests and petitions are made known to God other than through prayer.  God does not work off of good thoughts and good vibes.  The best thing we can do as Christians when someone is going through a tough time is to pray for them.  Don’t skirt around the issue by calling it something else.  Do your friends and family a favor and pray for them.  Take their needs and their burdens to the One that can do something about it.

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