Some prayer make you sick

Some Prayers Make You Sick

I believe in prayer.  I believe that prayers can make you well.  But I also believe some prayers actually make you sick.

Take the following scenario.  Let’s say Brother “Jack” is praying. The following might sound sort of like the sick prayer…

Jack. Hello God.  I need to talk to you about me being sick.  I need your healing.

God.  Howdy Jack. Great to see you. What’s this about being Sick?

Jack.  Well I have (xyz) symptoms.

God.  Jack you don’t seem sick to me.

Jack. Oh yes God I have more symptoms too.

God. Jack you are focusing on the wrong things. You need to focus on Me.

Jack. I will God after you have cured my xyz.  

God.  There is nothing for me to fix. 

Jack.  Just watch God.  I can focus on my body and feel the illness.

God. Jack… focus on me!

Jack eventually wanders off to get an aspirin.  He is now convinced he has xyz and that furthermore God is using his illness to teach him some great spiritual truths.  Jack is now more convinced in the mystery of prayer and healing.  God is allowing Jack to suffer xyz for His glory!  Teaching us to keep our eyes on Jesus even when we are sick.  

Oh and by the way, scientist and Doctors have discovered that the human body will respond to a certain extent to thoughts. That is why there are so many counselors and therapist in hospitals.  Positive thoughts do seem to promote wellness.  And the flip side…negative tends to actually create unhealthy.

So in the case of prayer, while I do not believe in “Name it-Claim it” , I do believe that we can focus on negative even during prayer to our detriment. Thus the title “some prayers make you sick”.

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