40 years in the Wilderness

40 years in the Wilderness

The Wilderness was a result of not believing in God, not following His instructions, and doing it your own way. The Wilderness was a judgment!

Today many of us are self-exiled into the “Wilderness” by our ignoring and refusing to submit to God.  God has, for every generation, raised up Elders, Prophets, and other leaders to proclaim THE WAY. 

Man on the other hand, has refused to listen, looked for other leadership, followed other signs and “Wonders” to justify going his own way. 

For years, I attended a Church that believed and functioned that God could and would bring us to 100% agreement and unity on Spiritual decisions.  Now we didn’t worry about carpet color and minor things like that, but whenever there was a decision to be made that would have Spiritual impact, we prayed and delayed.  Usually we delayed 2 or 3 weeks to allow the members to diligently pray over the matter.  Then when we reconvened and voted on the matter, there was always 100% agreement.  I can only think of one time we had to return to prayer….

Perhaps one of the greatest errors we have today is in not having the office of Elder. But with or without the actual title or office, many churches have a person who is wise in the faith and to whom you can turn for advise and wisdom. 

Today’s in America, we do not respect our Elders.  Not in the family! Nor in the Church.  We have raised a generation who believes they can do it all on their own, they don’t need advice or help from anyone, much less the elderly!

By ignoring this pool of knowledge and wisdom, we are sending ourselves into the Wilderness to wander until God judges, or we repent!



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