Easter traditions

This Easter, I really sat back and watched all the various groups celebrating (or not celebrating) the holiday. Different groups have different traditions. I think I can quote the arguments for and against each.

But what keeps coming to mind is the verse in John.

Now it was the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem, and it was winter. And Jesus walked in the Temple, in Solomon’s porch”
John 10:22-3

Jesus celebrated a “HOLIDAY” that wasnt “Biblical”.

Many are surprised that the only Bible verse mentioning Hanukkah is found in the New Testament. Perhaps it is simply because the holiday commemorates an event that occurred during the inter-Testamental period, approximately 165 BC. …But if it is “authentic” they argue, it would have been mentioned somewhere else in the New Testiment.

Sola Scripture is the rallying cry against observing Easter.

Sola scriptura is not as much of an argument against tradition as it is an argument against unbiblical, extra-biblical and/or anti-biblical doctrines. (Is Easter celebration a Doctrine?)

Now I am not wanting to argue Hannakkah, but in the same way it is not a “Prescribed” Bible taught, religious holiday, perhaps Easter might not be so bad either.

Perhaps we should rethink what is worth dividing God’s people, and what is really worth arguing about. So if one chooses to celebrate the Resurrection, who am I to disagree?

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  1. When thinking about Hanukkah remember Christ kept it as the feast of dedication – and also remember it was not a celebration which had its origins in Paganism.

    I am not sure you could say that about the current holiday –

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