convictions or convenience?

About 35 years ago I was associated with a couple of groups who were fighting for the right to either home school and or attend a Church sponsored school. Things were getting pretty tough because of government opposition.

I remember driving a church bus to The State Capitol to join others in making a public display in support of one particular church that was “under attack”. I don’t remember much of the Capitol events, but on the way back we detoured to the Church in question and ate dinner and had fellowship.

What is burned in my memory is that when we drove up to the “Church” it was an armed camp with barricades that has to be moved before we entered or left.

I don’t know what ever became of that group. And looking back, I am not 100% sure they were honoring God. Perhaps they were, but that is another topic to study.

What I do remember is that one of the groups or individual parents spent time in jail over the issues. The Judge on the case made a statement that has stuck with me.

During the court proceedings he asked if the beliefs were convictions or convenience. He said convictions were worth going to jail over, and convenience (beliefs) would soon back down in the face of serious opposition.

Since then I have tried to live my Christian life with the fortitude that if required I would suffer for my convictions. Many Christians in other countries have had to make that choice. I am thankful that so far I have not had to put that to the test, but the way our country is going, the possibility is getting greater!

Today, before you have to face that decision, ask yourself if your Christian beliefs are Conviction or Convenience?

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