Can you do 12 stones?

Each new year I encourage my kids to remember milestones in their lives thru a Twelve Stone tradition Joshua 4:1-8. We choose 12 rocks from our yard and place them in A row and aided by journals and calendars we each made lists of ways we have seen God working in our lives during the past 12 months. My kids faces lit up as we picked up one stone at a time and shared our recollections, intentionally remembering how God had answered prayers guiding our family through the new year.

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes have trouble remembering 12 stone worthy events from the past 12 months! I am not proud to admit it, but it is true.   The last time I made my 12 stone list, I had just gone thru 5 years of severe caregiving, three funerals, and my own health crisis. I had lots of good material to choose from!

But the last couple of years, life has slowed down into a comfortable routine. There have been few and minimal crisis in the family. So finding 12 Stone worthy events is much harder.

It seems that in the “good times” I seem to sort of forget about God or at best take Him for granted.

How about you? How full is your “Thank” meter?

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