“Lessons From Job”

As I sorted through Facebook posts and emails the other day, I was reminded of Job 1 and 2 which I had just read that morning. The posts and the Bible sounded so much alike!

Job lost everything. First it was possessions. He lost his property. He lost what he owned and it was a lot.

Losses like that, needs like that, have been common in recent years. There is lack of money, loss of business and loss of homes. There are even needs for the daily living essentials like food and clothing.

In Job’s case, there was an act of God. Fire came down from heaven and burned everything up.

Have you heard about all the disasters today with earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, flooding, and need I say more?

Job’s children were together at one of their houses having a great time. They were all killed “just like that!”

Every day there is loss of life. There is violence. Sometimes the loss of life is dramatic where entire families perish. Sometimes it is an unexpected heart attack and the person is gone “just like that.” Sometimes it is the natural procession of life to death. One Facebook post was from a man who heard about his cousin’s death in the early morning and then later heard that his sister had been found dead before noon of the same day. Recently on a single day, two Southern Gospel music veterans passed away. Death is definitely a daily part of life.

Then Job was attacked in his body. There was awful pain from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. He looked terrible. It was so bad that he wished for death.

Within the last months, there have been so many terrible health issues among our friends. It has gotten to the point that I hesitate opening Facebook for fear of who might now be in the hospital in desperate need of prayer. One weekend, Tim R had a stroke and Libby S had a heart attack. Tim R’s 16-year-old daughter went from well to needing dialysis and a kidney transplant within days.

In the Bible account, Job’s wife shows up and sees the mess and offers her advice. “Curse God.”

Have you seen any marriage problems recently, not only in the world but also in the church? How many husbands and wives have found comfort with someone other than their marriage partner? How many have blamed God cursed God for the mess in which they found themselves? The breakdown of marriages is rampant. The rejection of God is blatant and everywhere.

And then Job’s “friends” come to help. But, they have their own solutions drawn from what the world says will work. They offer their advice and tell Job what a poor job he is doing of being a moral, upright man. Maybe they meant well, but they didn’t have spiritual direction and they certainly didn’t have any tact. Have you ever been kicked when you’ve down? Job can identify.

The book of Job is old, but its message isn’t. It could have been written today with today’s circumstances, today’s issues, today’s fears. The world hasn’t changed much. Problems and pains and issues still exist.

Job was upright and it seems a little unfair that Satan was given a free hand with him. But, Job continued to trust God. He talked to God. He recognized that He was in God’s hands and plans. At the end of the Book of Job, everything is restored to Job, plus a whole lot more.

Today, see where you fit in this story. Don’t give up. Rely on God for guidance by opening doors or closing doors, as needed. Know the Scriptures so you aren’t deceived. Follow where God leads. Whatever happens, continue to talk to God and know He is not mocked indefinitely. Then prepare for a good tomorrow and an out-of-this-world eternity.

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