God is There

by Chuck Swindoll

Isaiah 41:10

Back in World War II a scribble of comic graffiti began appearing on walls everywhere, proclaiming, “Kilroy was here!”

This declaration was found on walls in Germany. It was found on buildings in Tokyo. It was found on big boulders in America. Kilroy was everywhere, it seemed.

God is not like Kilroy. He does not write His name on the walls and rocks of life, but He is there—every day, every hour, every tick of the clock!

To borrow the now-classic words of the late Francis Schaeffer, “He is there and He is not silent.” Never doubt the presence of God.

  1. He is there with you on your own personal pilgrimage . . . His unsearchable mind working in concert with His unfathomable will, carrying things out under His sovereign control.

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