God’s Concern

by Chuck Swindoll

Psalm 62:1

I’ve had times when I’ve found myself wondering about the things I’ve believed and preached for years. What happened? Had God died?

No. My vision just got a little blurry. My circumstances caused my thinking to get a little foggy. I looked up, and I couldn’t see Him as clearly.

That’s what happened to John Bunyan back in the seventeenth century in England. He preached against the godlessness of his day, and the authorities shoved him into prison . . . .

But because Bunyan firmly believed God was still alive and working, he turned that prison into a place of praise, service, and creativity as he began to write Pilgrim’s Progress, the most famous allegory in the history of the English language.

When we hit a tough spot, our tendency is to feel abandoned . . . . In fact, just the opposite is true, for at that moment, we are more than ever the object of God’s concern.

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