End time Conspiracy

With all the End Time events happening, there are many who are preaching and posting on the internet, articles and theories.  What is the Christian to do?

Some are using Scriptures to propose we should be like the ant and diligently work and prepare… Some are advocating political work to combat the trends in the laws and government.  While some Christians simply ignore the whole mess acting like that cartoon ostrich with its head in the sand.

Once I was beginning to follow the conspiracy group and become a prepper.  It is sort of exciting and scary at the same time.  There is a sense of defiance and self-reliance that permeates that group.  Then the small voice of God told me to stop relying on my own strength and to instead rely on Him.

Today I see a group that is becoming more civil disobedient and protesting and demonstrating against the different sins in society.  This group is becoming very political and active at least vocally.  They are also using fear tactics to garner support for their cause.  But the bottom line is that both groups and possible others we could describe and define, are fearing the collapse of our society as a result of sin and God’s judgment.  Some believe the judgment will be from natural causes and some feel it will be from Government intrusion.

Since I live in the United States, and much of the end time “prophets” do too, we are getting a Western Mindset to these theories.  There is a theme running through these theories that God’s people hopefully will be Raptured before these judgments happen.  But is that a realistic hope?

I do not want to get into arguments about end time eschatology, but I propose that those who are basing their hopes on an escape, consider the believers in other parts of the world.  We have Churches and Christians today who are being persecuted and killed because they are Christian.  We have Churches today who are in hiding.  Why do the Christians of the United States feel they are any better or deserve any more protection?

Given that, I will state that I believe we are entering a time of Judgment in America.  What is the believer to do?

From the Bible itself, we see the lives of the Apostles and first century Church.  They lived under the Roman Government, which was perhaps one of the most ungodly and corrupt governments ever.  Please note, Paul did not advocate civil disobedience.  He did not teach to stockpile supplies in the caves around Judea.  In fact, Paul tells the believer to obey the authorities!

In an increasingly secular and ungodly culture, many Christians wonder about their role and duty. Should we lobby for rights that have traditionally belonged to us? Should we make every effort to implement a Christian agenda? Should we completely reform the government? The Bible speaks clearly about our duty, and it’s all about governing our character.

As noble as a desire to reform society may be, and as stirring as the emotions sometimes are when involved in the “rightness” of a political cause, those activities are not to be the Christian’s chief priorities. God does not call the church to influence the culture by promoting legislation and court rulings that advance a Scripture point of view. Nor does He condone any type of radical activism that would avoid tax obligations, disobey or seek removal of government officials we don’t agree with, or spend an inordinate amount of time campaigning for a so-called Christian slate of candidates.

Different aspects of a Christian in an Ungodly Society…

  1. Submission and Obedience    Acts 4:18-20; 5:40-42
  2. Readiness for Good Works    Galatians 6:10
  3. Respectful in Speech               Titus 3:2
  4. Peaceful and Gentle                 1 Timothy 2:2
  5. Consideration for Others        1 Peter 3:15

To conclude; from my studies, the best way we can get prepared for difficult times as society and government begins (OR CONTINUES) to persecute, is to develop a close daily walk with God.  Trust and rely on God, not your own wisdom or preparedness.

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