Gratitude for God’s faithfulness

My heart feels full this morning. As I straighten the house, I fluffed the sofa cushions and remembered crying when we first moved to Fort Worth to an apartment with a recliner and a rocking chair (no sofa as we left it behind in Arkansas). Work and church opportunities brought us to a new city and our “nest” was empty back in the Land of Opportunity.
The sofa we acquired now has ink on a cushion and shows some wear.
Ten years have now passed since we came to Texas. We have returned to Arkansas, but are putting our roots down in Texas.
We have even visited Rockport and enjoyed the coast for a weekend.
A friend shared a story on Facebook this morning about writing “curses” in sand and blessings in stone. Seems a “friend” slapped someone, but later saved the person’s life as he faltered in crossing a waterway. The former event was written in sand, but the latter in stone for a tribute. (Waves of forgiveness washed away the harshness of the act that was recorded for a time.)
I thought on this.
Some lines of verse came to me as I continue to “putter” about the house.
Tides ebb and flow; friends come and go, but God is the same–yesterday, today and forever.
I am feeling grateful for this fact of God’s eternal goodness this morning.

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