Do you struggle with fear?

Almost every person I know understands what it’s like to feel afraid. Maybe you’re feeling it right now.

Fear is sort of like a fungus that won’t go away no matter how hard we try to kill it. Yet God doesn’t intend for us to live afraid. Over and over again He’s commanded us to fear not.

Our problem isn’t that we don’t want to get rid of our fear. Our problem is that we don’t know how to move past our fear. We’ve prayed. We’ve confessed. We’ve tried, and we’re still exhausted by our ever present fear.

Today let me help you by giving you 3 practical ways to help you overcome your fears:

#1 Name your Fear

You know that sense of doom you can’t shake? Stop yourself for a second and give that fear a name. What is it that you’re afraid of? Don’t be vague. Are you afraid that you’re not pretty enough for someone to love? Are you afraid that you’re not rich enough for someone to marry? Are you afraid that you’re not sexy enough to keep your husband? Are you afraid that you might get fired and won’t be able to support yourself? What is it about the future that makes you afraid? Go ahead. Find your fear. Give it a name.

#2 Identify the Lie

Now that you know what you’re afraid of, slow down long enough to identify the lie you’re believing in that moment. If it’s your appearance that has you afraid, you’re believing the lie that God made you imperfectly. If you’re worried about money, you’re believing the lie that money will buy you security and happiness. If you’re worried about your job, you’re believing the lie that you only matter because you have a job. If you’re worried about your future, you’re believing the lie that God can’t handle your future. What is the lie that’s keeping you in bondage to your fear?

#3 Replace it with the Truth

Finally let’s replace the lie with the truth of God’s word. For every lie you’re believing God has spoken His truth over you. If you don’t feel pretty, God says that He made you in His image and looks at your heart not your looks. If you’re afraid of financial loss the truth is that God will always meet your need. If you’re afraid you’ll lose your job, the truth is that even joblessness can’t separate you from the love God has for you. And if you’re afraid of being alone, remember that God is always with you and will never leave you.

Lately I’ve been focusing and thinking about Isaiah 43:1-4. If you’re struggling with fear today and don’t know where to find the truth to set you free, start with these verses. You’ll find a well of riches that will never run dry.

Today I am resolved to punch fear in the face with the truth of God’s word. What about you?


My name is Lina and I’m a Pediatric ER doctor in Chicago, but more importantly, I love Jesus Christ and His Word. My main passion in life is teaching the Bible and writing about faith.



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