Follow God

How do you know if God is moving you to make a move?

How do you know if the Lord is leading you to make a significant transition?

After many years, I’ve discovered five practical indicators that can help us recognize God’s leading:

First, you have an increasing uneasiness with your current situation. Most likely, this will come in little hints . . . passing thoughts . . . a gnawing restlessness that won’t leave you alone. That’s first.

Second, you have a growing curiosity regarding a new challenge. It’s strange, but your willingness to follow God is stronger than your fear of change.

Third, you develop a decreasing attachment to creature comforts and tangible securities. I’ve discovered that people who are truly following God’s lead have won the battle over materialism. Money isn’t as important as the desire to obey God.

Fourth, you cultivate an increasing desire to obey the Lord at all costs—even when you can’t explain it. Truth be told, I have made moves that made little sense. But looking back, it’s clear that God initiated the change . . . though it defied logic.

Finally, you have an inability to turn off the thoughts. When God is moving you, He won’t let your mind rest. The thought hits you when you awaken—sometimes, several times during the night. It stays with you throughout the day, buzzes in your brain as you lie down at night. It comes to mind when you pray, read the Scriptures, and go to church. You can’t escape it.

Have I just described you? Then I’m confident the Lord is calling you to follow His lead! Make the move. He’ll take care of the things you don’t know how to handle.

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