Humility and other Thoughts


Nothing you do is of your own goodness or strength. Christians are often guilty of feeling like they are doing good for God and that they are righteous and it is their own accomplishments for God. Humility is acknowledging that God or the Holy Spirit enables you to do everything.

  • It is tough to stay focused on God with all that life throws at you. Work, family, relaxation in those few moments, even our daily Bible study, all demand our attention. We get so busy that we forget to “take God with us.” One of the worst co-workers I ever had was a self righteous person who dutifully did a Bible study every day, but somehow forgot to bring those self learned lessons to work. It was like a Jeckle and Hyde.
  • We often have little idea how much God does to protect us from the attacks of our unseen enemies. We sometimes feel that we are overwhelmed in a present spiritual struggle, but we may not know what it would be like if the LORD pulled back His protection.
  • If we want our churches and Christian spheres to be safe, we need to stop self-justifying and defending… We are so determined to prove ourselves right or righteous that we steam roll over people’s experiences and stories, and indeed their lives, in order to be the right ones.


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