Sabbath Sermon

Yesterday – we began a study of the book of Proverbs in our Sabbath School we are using the Life Challenge series. We are adding some exercises from an out of print study guide by Chuck Swindoll. We stood yesterday at the foot of the cross during our sermon from John 19:17-27. I did not finish the manuscript for the sermon before church – but I did finish the outline so I did not publish the outline this week.

What we discussed was:

“What I have written I have written” from Pilate – and we wondered how often we argue with God and try and get Him to change what He says to meet our own theology? Are there times when God might say to us ” What I have written I have written”

The second thing we discussed was the fact from the story of the Roman soldiers dividing the the clothing of Christ, that the garment was a fine garment – an expensive garment – a well made garment that outer cloak. Sometimes we create doctrine based on faulty suppositions like “Christ was poor” — When we do we open ourselves to critics of the gospel. We open the door to cults who major in the minors – Be careful to separate what is clear in Scripture for our doctrine, and what we speculate about from the Bible — being careful what we preach and teach.

Lastly we looked at the visit to the cross of Mary Christ’s mother and her friends and family. We see how Christ who was deity also was human and took care of human needs. He made a will on the cross to take care of His mother – we ought to provide for our families and prepare for our families at the time of our passing.

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