Christian Fellowship

Last summer I was at the Southwest Association of Seventh Day Baptist meeting. It was a real good trip. I have heard the names of many people in conversations but to finally meet them face-to-face was special.

I was able to make friendships with other like minded believers.

My only disappointment was that there were so few young people there. I have known of more than one church who closed their doors because they all became too old and few in numbers. The future of a Church is in the younger generations to which the leadership can be passed.

I live in Fort Worth Texas. There are not very many Sabbath Keepers in our area that we can fellowship with. It makes our Church time special. However it is easy to begin to feel like we are alone sometimes.

I just finished reading God’s Smuggler for about the 7th or 8th time. I  haven’t read it for several years, and I am always challenged in my walk with God when I do read it. One of the parts that stayed in my mind this time is the isolation many believers were feeling in the countries where active Christian fellowship is persecuted. When Brother Andrew went to their villages, they expressed gratitude to know that there were other Christians “out there” who remembered them and were praying.

1 Kings 19:14-18 Elijah felt like he was the only one. God assures him that there are 7000 who have not worshipped the false god.

Regardless of the numbers at the conference, I have found myself energized because I went. It is good to be home, but it was good to find others still serving the Lord.

Wherever you may live, and whatever your circumstances, I urge you to seek out others who will encourage you with your daily walk with God. If you live so far away from other Seventh Day Baptist Sabbath keepers that you cannot join in their fellowship, find a website that will feed you and with whom you can associate. The Internet can never replace the fellowship of a Church, but in certain situations, it is better than nothing.

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